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South Central District

One of seven districts that make up the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA).

The CJSA/SCD is affiliated with the US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA),
US Soccer (the US Soccer Federation) and the
Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA).


SCD Joseph A. Conte Recreational Tournament

SCD Joseph A. Conte Recreational Tournament
Saturday & Sunday June 16-17, 2018

  1. U10, U12 & U14 Travel Rec Tournament - Boys & Girls
  2. All U10 teams receive tournament T-Shirts
  3. U12 & 14 1st & 2nd place champion T-shirts

Click Here for 2018 Tournament Package

Email Mike Schwartz with any questions at .

by posted 06/14/2018
SCD Spring Season-Need To Know
Please pass the word within your club. Please do not assume we have your club contacts.
ALL Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers Can now assign themselves to their team.
  1. We have not offered this process in the past but believe it will increase team communication quality. 
  2. We have added a process by which Coaches and Managers can assign themselves to teams
  3. AFTER the teams are created above by the Clubs Designated person(s), team management will be able to register themselves and assign themselves to teams. 
  4. Team management can assign themselves to their teams after the team has been created using this registration: "2018 Spring Team Coach and Manager Registration"

Dates to Remember

  1. Team Registration Open: 01/21/2018
  2. Last Day To Register Teams: 03/11/2018
  3. Teams Cannot Register on this date and forward: 03/12/2018
  4. SCD Scheduling Meeting: 03/18/2018
  5. SCD Season Open: 04/06/2018
  6. SCD Season Last Day of Play: 06/17/2018

SCD Contacts

  1. Any items with regard to League formation, team placement, etc...
    1. SCD Girls Commissioner: Vicki Krooss, 
    2. SCD Boys Commissioner: Bill Cadwell,   
  2. Issues with using the SCD website
    1. Web Admin: Joe Guerra, 

Thank you

by posted 03/20/2018
South Central District Age Group Matrix



South Central District Age Group Matrix For Registration Within CJSA And Roster Sizes
Age Group Max Players On Field Max Players On Field Team Type Roster Type Players on Approved Roster from CJSA Max Players On Game Day Roster
Intra-Club Play            
06U 4v4 no GK Internal to club Rec Rec 1 - 9,999 Internal to club
07U 4v4 no GK Internal to club Rec Rec 1 - 9,999 Internal to club
08U 4v4 no GK Internal to club Rec Rec 1 - 9,999 Internal to club
09U 7v7 Internal to club Rec Rec 1 - 9,999 Internal to club
10U 7v7 Internal to club Rec Rec 1 - 9,999 Internal to club
11U-12U 9v9 9v9 rec Rec 1 - 9,999 16
13+ 11v11 11v11 Comp Comp 1 - 9,999 25
SCD League            
09U 7v7 7v7 Comp Comp "D" 1 - 25 12
10U 7v7 7v7 Comp Comp "D" 1 - 25 12
11U 9v9 9v9 Comp RecPlus 1 - 25 16
12U 9v9 9v9 Comp RecPlus 1 - 25 16
11U/12U 9v9 9v9 Travel Rec RecPlus 1 - 25 16
13U 11v11 11v11 Comp Comp 11 - 25 25
14U 11v11 11v11 Comp Comp 11 - 25 25
13U/14U 11v11 11v11 Travel Rec RecPlus 1 - 25 25
15U 11v11 11v11 Comp Comp 11 - 25 25
15U 11v11 11v11 Travel Rec RecPlus 11 - 25 25
16U 11v11 11v11 Comp Comp 11 - 25 25
17U 11v11 11v11 Comp Comp 11 - 25 25
18U 11v11 11v11 Comp Comp 11 - 25 25
19U 11v11 11v11 Comp Comp 11 - 25 25
CT Cup            
11U 9v9 9v9 Cup Comp 11 - 16 11 - 16
12U 9v9 9v9 Cup Comp 11 - 16 11 - 16
11U/12U 9v9 9v9 Cup RecPlus 11 - 16 11 - 16
13U 11v11 11v11 Cup Comp 11 - 25 11 - 25
14U 11v11 11v11 Cup Comp 11 - 25 11 - 25
13U/14U 11v11 11v11 Cup RecPlus 11 - 25 11 - 25
15U 11v11 11v11 Cup Comp 11 - 25 11 - 25
16U 11v11 11v11 Cup Comp 11 - 25 11 - 25
17U 11v11 11v11 Cup Comp 11 - 25 11 - 25
18U 11v11 11v11 Cup Comp 11 - 25 11 - 25
19U 11v11 11v11 Cup Comp 11 - 25 11 - 25
The above tables lay out the options a club has when registering players with CJSA for In-House, SCD League and CT Cup play. Although not all age groups may valid, these tables represent the possible configurations.
- USYS and CJSA are in agreement on the proper player configuration as well as field size and goal size. More information can be found on CJSA.org
- SCD has adopted the USYS and CJSA recommendations
- To alleviate any confusion as to the options for a club registrar to register players to a team we have provided these tables. Please do not confuse Registration of a Player to a Team with Allowed Players on a "Game Day" Roster. Players are registered and verified with CJSA to ensure validity of the players. SCD League Policies state how many players are on the sideline for a "Game Day" roster.
- By allowing clubs to register more players on a roster than can play at a given game, flexibility is provided to the clubs to register more players. This will allow clubs to register players that may have been previously turned away. This will alleviate the club register or removing and adding players weekly
- The goal of the above is to put more control in the hands of the clubs and allow clubs to say "Yes" to more players.
- This change or clarification is in line with the possible direction of CJSA to provided a system to be used statewide. 


by posted 01/16/2018

To all South Central District(SCD) Clubs,

In an effort to improve communication to you the members of the SCD, we are implementing a seasonal team you can chose to be assigned. We highly encourage you to add yourself to this team and send this email to ALL in your club you think may benefit. Please remember, we do not have a list of all the board members of all your clubs and only YOU can send this to them.

Purpose and Details about this registration

1.    The SCD is publishing the seasonal calendar on the SCD website under "Association" and then "Events Calendar". This calendar requires you to come to the website and look for upcoming events. 

2.    Although the Events calendar is good, we are trying to make it easier for you to be notified of upcoming events in SCD. To that end, we have created a Seasonal Team with an associated team calendar. Just like any other team there are Coaches and Players. The Coaches are the SCD VP, SCD Girls Commissioner, SCD Boys Commissioner and SCD Secretary. Anyone who opts into being on this team will be a player. If you are familiar with the League Athletics system most clubs are on, you then know:

    2.1. you will then be automatically notified 2 days in advance of an event

    2.2. we can send reminders of events anytime we wish

    2.3. you, based on your profile in SCD, determine how you are notified by email or text

    2.4. we can have attendance if we need it to things like the SCD monthly meeting

    2.5. you can look at the season calendar anytime you wish in SCD website easily

    2.6. you can "subscribe" to the SCD calendar and it will then be on your phone, tablet and computer as you chose

3.    This will be a seasonal signup for this "team" and you will self-assign to this team. You will not sign up once and then forever more be hit with emails even after you role changes in your club or you age out of soccer. You opt in each season and update your role(s). We believe this is most fair to the masses, will keep this team up to date each season, and will require only 30 seconds of your time each season.

4.    The side benefit of this is that by registering you will be reminded to update your information in SCD.

5.    You can opt out at any time.

6.    This is many for any club admin that would like to have easy access to the SCD calendar for a season but any Coach, Manager or anyone else can be on this team.

If this all sound good, and you have not already done so for this season, Please Click Here To Register

If you have any question then please contact the SCD Web Admin Joe Guerra at

by posted 01/15/2018
How To Register A Team
Championship T-Shirt

2018 Spring 

Division Championship Shirts

Team Entry Due By: 04/30/2018

Click Here To Enter Your Team

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